Pricing and Editions screenshot with eyetracking heatmap

Leap Motion Airspace Redesign

Leap Motion launched an innovative USB peripheral for 3D gesture computer control last year, but has not yet received wide ranging acceptance in the marketplace. We were tasked with finding ways to make the first time user experience more enjoyable for users.

What we did


As always, it begins with building an understanding of our users.

1. User Research

After learning how to use the device and it's capabilities, I started by sitting down with people and watching them use the device. I quickly realized that users want to begin using the LMC as soon as they launch the app store, Airspace. Also, people have a natural inclination to push towards things they want to select.

2. Ideate

Next, our team of three went through an ideation process, looking at different areas we could improve, from a guided tutorial, to individual app ideas, finally realizing that we could make the biggest impact by redesigning the Airspace Launcher and App Store itself to incorporate clear gesture controls.

3. Design/Test/Iterate

After deciding on the Airspace launcher and store, we went through a design studio process, each ideating seperately, then coming together to pitch our ideas. We wanted to focus on learnability, discoverability and enjoyment. We were able to prototype basic interactions, and test various user prompts.


We built and delivered prototype visualizations of the proposed interactions.

Pricing and Editions screenshot

Airspace Home

We chose to retain the visuals from the Leap Motion app launcher, to provide continuity to the user and to lower development costs.

Pricing and Editions screenshot with eyetracking heatmap

3D Gesture Interaction

We focused on simple, natural gestures that could quickly be discovered and easily remembered by even the most novice users.

Drawing of a person walking up a long staircase

Next Steps

We are currently working to get developer support within Leap Motion to build a prototype that we can test with users and iterate from there.

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