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Home Loan Shopping Tools

Wells Fargo is a global leader in banking customer experience. They came to us for help in designing a forward looking, mobile-first experience for homebuyers to select the right mortgage for their home purchase or refinance.

What we did


As always, it begins with building an understanding of our users.

1. User Research

We worked with subject matter experts within the line of business to understand the needs and concerns of homebuyers looking at mortgage options. We met with Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Advisors, and talked through what their customers ask about, and what they could be better informed about.

2. Design/Test/Iterate

Next, our team went through a deep ideation process, looking at different areas we could assist the homebuyer, we worked in an agile design system, with two week sprints to rapidly build an extensive clickable prototype, collaborating closely with the client, and rapidly testing and iterating along the way.

3. Design/Build

Working closely with internal development teams, we then took the learnings from the early prototype and refined down to exact designs with detailed functional annotations. This also included design quality assurance, to insure that the final result is as close as possible to our intentions during design.


The web app is now live, and development continues on additional modules.

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Hi-fi Prototyping

I built extensive prototypes in both iRise and Marvelapp. The Marvelapp prototype is linked here.

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Complete Web App

We designed and built a complete mobile web experience, which now lives two clicks away from the site on your phone.

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Next Steps

The development team continues work on additional modules that we designed.

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